IT Products and Services Go Well With Telemarketing

One of the best ways for an IT firm to gain a foothold in the market that they are in is through the use of any resource that presents itself to them. Fortunately, we’ve got telemarketing to do the job right. It’s been the number one promotion tool used by many firms in improving their sales performance. It’s pretty handy when it comes to appointment setting and lead generation services. These two tasks are essential parts of successful business operation. With telemarketing, the task becomes easier to perform. Lead generation is no longer as much of a challenge as it used to be.

The evolution of the global IT marketplace has definitely changed they way businesses deal with customers. Needs and wants have changed, and there is the increasing trend of firms to evolve their marketing strategies. That’s why more and more effort has been exerted by companies in terms of aggressive market expansion, increased production of new products and services, as well as better ways to promote it to their customers. There are also various methods developed that can enhance the marketability of firms and improve its image with the public. Better public perception means better sales. Once you get a positive image, you’d be able to sell your products much more effectively.

One of the IT industries that have benefited the most from telemarketing is in the area of telecommunication services. Knowing what customers need, as well as formulating and designing new services, can go a long way in making a successful sale. In addition, there’s the fact that there are many firms who would like to do business with telecommunication companies. The problem here is not knowing how to proceed with it. They don’t even know who to talk to in the first place. This is where telemarketing come it. It streamlines the nature of their work, and enables them to contact prospects that are interested in working with them. If lucky, a good call by telemarketers can lead to an appointment setting. Lead generation would no longer be a problem if that happens.

Telemarketing is a useful tool in helping their clients gather telecommunication products leads. These days, there are plenty of companies who are in search of new equipment to upgrade their products and services. In addition, they might also need to look for companies that can help them maintain their operations. Network management leads are also available, since there are also firms who are interested in porting their systems with another telecommunication firm. Telemarketing ensures that these people would be able to talk with the right set of people. Not only will this save time, but it would also help the clients concentrate more on improving their business capabilities.

Telecommunication services leads are also useful for firms who would like to know which customers are in need of any product upgrade, additional service, or maintenance of their telecommunications equipment. Also, telemarketing is reliable enough in securing the customers private information. It’s been long known that telemarketers are very discreet people. Whatever information that they obtain is treated with utmost confidentiality. This is important, as many people are hesitant to give personal information over the phone. And since telemarketers have an extensive security system to prevent the leaking of customer details, their clients don’t have to worry about losing customer trust.

Truly, telemarketing is a powerful tool for business. Not only can they provide you with essential information about the market, they are also capable of keeping that very information secure. If you want to improve your chances of market dominance, then you should give telemarketing a try.

Ceramic Insulating Coatings Advantages

The ceramic coatings that are brought into use are not given an R-value rating, rather their measurement are made by their emissivity ability. This means the ability to reflect heat and the amount of heat that is on the surface of a structure.

There are three forms of heat, Ultra Violet, light that is visible and the infrared light (IR); therefore blocking the heat buildup is not an easy task. If good quality of ceramic insulating coatings is used, you will be able to block all the three forms of heat. The IR form of heat which actually builds up about 57 percent of the heat on a building can also be effectively checked by the insulated coatings.

Therefore, consumers should carefully distinguish between the reflective coatings and the real insulating coatings. This is because the reflective coatings cannot block all types of heat and can perform only when it is clean.

You can also apply the insulating ceramic coatings as an exterior surface coating to the roof and sides of your building. This coating can be applied to all types of roof surfaces such as metal, asphalt, aluminum or felt and the sidings can be made out of aluminum, rubber and vinyl.

There are some ceramic insulating coatings which have additional functions like moisture migration prevention and thus this type of coating also bring about great savings through moisture management. There are also some ceramic coatings which can control the mold and mildew and are sound proof and fire resistant.

Software Marketing – Knowing What You Don’t Know

There’s an old adage: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That old chestnut rings true with any level of marketing in any company.

With the plethora of new technologies, products and services springing up globally, the software industry is particularly susceptible to falling prey to thinking that they do know what they don’t know. Sometimes it’s simply due to more focus on the technology than the customer. Sometimes the executives have no marketing background. However, let’s not bash the Founder/Owner/CEO too readily for not understanding how to translate the key mantra of any company’s marketing efforts: target the right audience at the right time, with the right message. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy.

Targeting the right audience is sometimes left to gut feel or assumptions. If you are a software marketer, you have a critical obligation to ensure that everyone in your company understands exactly who your target customer is. To do this you must talk to your existing customers or, at very least, gather tangible data from your customer database. Knowing the makeup of your existing customer base means more than just what size their company is or what industry they are in. You need to understand what makes the purchase decision-makers tick. Find the nuances of their profile. Document it and parlay that knowledge into a target marketplace.

Right-time marketing means understanding your product’s sales cycle from evaluation to a closed deal. When is your target customer starting to evaluate a solution like yours? When do they typically get budget and have to spend it by? Are there cyclical marketing elements, like end of year implementation? (In which case you should back into your buying cycle and consider certain months or quarters as pull- out- all- the- stops marketing time frames).

The right message to your target audience requires some serious evaluation of your prospects’ needs, the competitive environment and veracity on what your solution actually delivers. Now is the time to poll each of your executives and managers and ask them to give you a few bullet points on what they consider to be your USP (unique selling point). You may be surprised at the diverse and sometimes contradictory answers. Bottom line, it takes time to craft the right messages and you must always test, test, test.

Consider engaging outside services, whether an agency, market research firm, or consultant to give you an objective, impartial, and professional assessment of who your target customer really is, and how you should engage them for increased qualified leads and revenue.